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Program Areas

Our programmatic aim is to be a catalyst in building the capacity of women leaders to produce and promote transformative, women-led, feminist analyses and policies that support equality and inclusion.

For over two decades CWGL has successfully built relationships and partnered with diverse women’s organizations globally. The Center worked collaboratively to develop coalitions, campaigns, working groups, and other formal and informal arrangements that made progress towards the realization of gender equality at the international and national levels. The following are our current priority program areas:


I. Economic and Social Rights from a Feminist Perspective

CWGL seeks to build women’s and feminist leadership in the area of economic and social rights, and develop alternative feminist approaches for the realization of economic and social rights for all.

The Center advances economic rights from a feminist perspective first and foremost through its work with women organizations to deepen their capacity to understand and address macroeconomic issues. We also produce knowledge products and trainings and convene strategic meetings to share analyses.

II.  Gender-Based Violence and the Linkages with Militarism

The attention given, and the increasingly vocal opposition, to gender-based violence in international and national fora are testimony to the powerful and successful actions of women’s rights activists around the world, and particularly the work of CWGL. Within this context, and after substantive consultations with 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign partners, women leaders and organizations, the Center is focusing on the linkages between violence against women and militarism as a key, yet underexplored, factor in the perpetuation of violence. With this mandate, CWGL, as international coordinator of the 16 Days Campaign, is developing a global, feminist analysis of militarism and its connections to violence against women and girls. 

The Center will continue to serve in its traditional roles of global convener and facilitator of actions against gender violence, but with a specific focus on militarism. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of the global women’s movement and its leaders by contributing new and timely analyses about the linkages between gender-based violence and militarism. We work with women organizations to build coalitions, convene strategic meetings to formulate strategy together, and develop tools to facilitate our individual and collective global advocacy to end violence against women in all its forms.

III. Coalition and Capacity Building

Building on our history and the unique role CWGL plays in the global women’s movement, the Center will continue to facilitate coalitions and strengthen capacity around those urgent issues that are critical for policy reform at the international and national levels.

CWGL will also play a critical role in global advocacy at the UN and bring new and younger voices to UN processes. In an effort to promote young women’s leadership, CWGL will train young feminist student activists to advocate for women’s rights locally and globally. The training bridges feminist theory and praxis.

CWGL will continue to participate in the GEAR Facilitation Committee as well as other entities to ensure the energy, creativity and insight of civil society is integrated in the strengthening of UN Women and the UN system more broadly. The goal is to promote feminist analyses, with particular emphasis on macroeconomic policy and human rights.


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