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Fund for Women’s Rights and Global Justice

Your gift will help strengthen global efforts to reduce violence against women and to align economic policies with human rights standards by supporting innovative projects including, but not limited to: panel and colloquia events; dissemination of pioneering analyses; internships and graduate student practicums; and the convening of influential thought leaders and activists; and educational trainings.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership supports women’s leadership by:

  • Facilitating and disseminating feminist analyses of economic and social rights and macroeconomic policies in concert with women leaders to better inform the work of civil society organizations and policy makers at the international and national levels;
  • Promoting an end to violence against women through global campaigns, including the 16 Days Campaign; and
  • Building coalitions among women’s and social justice organizations for policy reform at the international and national levels

Charlotte Bunch Women’s Human Rights Strategic Opportunities Fund

Named in honor of CWGL’s Founding Director, Charlotte Bunch, this fund supports initiatives that are of strategic significance in seizing important political opportunities for the advancement of women’s human rights globally. The fund may be utilized, for example, to organize strategic conversations among diverse players in the advocacy for women’s human rights; to finance research and/or writing on critical issues related to women’s human rights; or to support women human rights defenders. The fund is intended to have the flexibility to remain innovative and respond to fluid, diverse and evolving needs in the women’s global human rights movement

To learn more about CWGL's history, click here.

Thank you for your support of women’s human rights and social justice worldwide!


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