Our research is guided by those committed to realizing rights and with those whose rights are violated. We develop policy briefs and reports to further advocacy strategies and influence media.

Research spotlight:

The 2007-2008 financial crisis has had a particularly devastating and lasting impact on women and girls. In most cases, government austerity measures implemented in the aftermath of the crisis made existing problems much worse, cutting desperately needed services, while increasing the need for unpaid or under-compensated labor, which mostly falls on them. Read CWGL’s summary of the thematic report of the UN Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights on the links and the impact of economic reforms and austerity measures on women’s human rights. This policy brief is available in EnglishSpanish and French.

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  • Violence against women journalists
  • Political violence against women in or running for elected positions
  • Economic policy, gender, peace and security

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  • Recognition of the value of women’s work, labor and violence
  • The links between the political economy and gender-based violence
  • Rights-based gender analyses for the world of work

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