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pdf Los Derechos de Las Mujeres son Derechos Humanos: Crónica de Una Movilización Mundial. (Spanish)

Editadas por Charlotte Bunch, Claudia Hinojosa, y Niamh Reilly.
EDAMEX and the Center for Women's Global Leadership, in collaboration with ISIS Internacional/Santiago de Chile and UNIFEM (preface by Alda Facio), 2000; 304 pages. ISBN 970-661-108-8. US$15

These publications (Los Derechos de Las Mujeres son Derechos Humanos: Crónica de Una Movilización Mundial and Les Voix des Femmes et « Les Droits de L´Homme ») aim at making the history and the ideas of the Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights more accessible in the French and Spanish-speaking worlds, as well as rooting the experiences and achievements of this international mobilization in those languages and cultural contexts. The books include a selection of testimonies and judges' statements from the Global Campaign hearings and tribunals (Vienna, Cairo, Copenhagen and Beijing), an article on the politics of language and chapters on the concept and history of the Campaign, accountability, and the future challenges of an international movement for women's human rights "Towards 2001..." as well as a series of Campaign Documents and Resources.

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