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BY Radhika Balakrishnan, Diane Elson, James Heintz and Jonah Walters


The Global 16 Days Campaign to End Gender-Based Violence dedicates a day towards femicide awareness and action

December 6, 2019, New York: The Center for Women’s Global Leadership, the founder and coordinator of the Global 16 Days Campaign to End Gender-Based Violence is dedicating December 6, 2019, to femicide awareness – in honor and remembrance of women who have been killed by a partner or a family member. This day also marks the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre in which 14 women were killed for being female. The Global 16 Days Campaign runs from November 25th, International day to end violence against women to December 10th, International Human Rights Day.

“Globally, of recorded cases of homicide of women last year, 58% were killed by their partners or family. Home is the most dangerous place for a woman or girl. The Global 16 Days Campaign, with over 6000 implementing organizations in more than 185 countries dedicate Friday, December 6, as the day of remembrance, action and accountability to address femicide,” said the Executive Director of CWGL Krishanti Dharmaraj.

According to the Global Study on Homicide 2019 focused on gender-related killing of women and girls, a total of 87,000 women were intentionally killed in 2017. More than half of them 50,000 ̶ ̶ were killed by intimate partners or other family members, meaning that 137 women across the world are killed by a member of their own family every day. The report notes that more than a third (30,000) of the women intentionally killed in 2017 were killed by their current or former intimate partner ̶ someone they would normally expect to trust. “The responsibility to protect women from violence lies in the hands of governments. Their inaction results in impunity and women pay the price with their lives. With unimaginable threats against women they still continue to rise up and demand justice all around the world’’ said Dharmaraj.

To mark this day, we launch a Twitter campaign – “Her, I Remember” to pay tribute to women, who lost their lives at the hands of male partners and family members. The Campaign will run from December 6 [Anniversary of Montreal Massacre] to December 10 [Human Rights Day] this year, and will aim at creating a wall of remembrance, with digital tributes from across the world, curated under a single hashtag #HerIRemember.

Actions to join and support the campaign on Twitter:

  • Share articles and writings on femicide to raise awareness of the issue with the hashtag #HerIRemember.
  • Share your thoughts/opinions on actions to address femicide with the hashtag #HerIRemember.
  • If you remember someone killed by an intimate partner or family member, please share her name with us, using the hashtag #HerIRemember.

The Global 16 Days Campaign annually brings together Governments, UN agencies, NGOs, private sector, activists and many others from around the world to raise awareness and call for the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence.







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