The Center for Women’s Global Leadership hosted a daylong symposium to discuss human rights 20 years after the UN World Conference on Human Rights. The event sought to engage stakeholders on challenges and opportunities for the realization of human rights in the 21st century.

The aim of the symposium was to:

  • Historicize the Vienna Conference and emphasize the substantive and institutional achievements of the conference.
  • Highlight current challenges of the human rights framework.
  • Discuss forward looking ideas for building global 21st century human rights mechanisms that effectively hold governments to account.

During the daylong event, participants had the opportunity to engage in rich discussions and explore global issues in women’s rightspoverty and inequality, and human rightsdemocracy, and the right to development.

Watch Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: 20 Years After Vienna 

Keynote Address


Women's Rights Panel


Poverty and Inequality Panel

Human Rights, Democracy and Right to Development Panel

Poem & Closing